Day 34 – Happiness….

A few days ago I was talking about people I admire for various reasons… Today I awoke to find another person I respected had died too young… A victim of his own demons… Initially the reaction on social media was one of shock and sympathy… Not unexpected… What surprised me was how quickly posts about “good riddance to another junkie”… If this was just a one off comment from one internet troll I could understand, but it seemed to be a growing trend during the day…

I must be missing something? A troubled individual who was struggling with the end of a long term relationship.. Someone who had been “clean” for 20+ years, is labeled a “junkie” and deserving of this lonely and sad death…


Maybe I am taking this so seriously, because today I was sitting in a Doctors office discussing the depression that has been with me as long as i can remember… Something I have battled against in very forms since I was a teenager… How would these people that had labeled one of the greatest actors of my generation as nothing but a junkie? What kind of loser must I appear to be to them… Judged for smoking or drinking or eating too much, is that better or worse in their eyes than illegal narcotics?…


Maybe I am just becoming focused on the noisy minority? It’s hard not to when we have a government that is actively encouraging people to hate and judge… Make the unemployed perform menial tasks, demonize refugees as terrorists at worst and queue jumpers at best… Dole bludgers are taking your tax money, boat people want to kill you, single mothers have children to buy new wide screen televisions and Phillip Seymour Hoffmann was a junkie that didn’t love his children enough to stay of drugs…


The world is a colder place today for many reasons….

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One thought on “Day 34 – Happiness….

  1. totally and sadly agree battling depression myself and no one knows what it feels like unless they have been through it,On the plus side there are always op shops

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