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Day 58 – The Long Way Home…

Via bloody Narnia…. Day trip to Bathurst turned into a long long day thanks to a truck driver that doesn’t understand the interaction between wet weather, tire grip and narrow bridges…


So after 20 mins stuck on the road out of town, I decided to head back through Oberon (not the king of the fairies)… Add in heavy rain….


And then because winding roads in the wet are not challenging enough… Let’s throw in some heavy fog…


That’s better… Although I couldn’t see very well, so that little goat footed bastard, Mr Tumnus may have been that thump I heard coming over the first hill…

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This is my rabbit hole, the place were I can scamper off to when I need to get my head in a more creative place, without the distractions of washing up and rampaging children…I even managed to wire up the light fitting, by cannibalising an extension lead… This will be the only room in the house that gets to stay in this “hobbit” eclectic style, but since it very small (200cm by 160cm), and it is separate to the rest of the house, so it can remain a cosy, cluttered space…











Of course there will be a few tweaks, a couple more pictures on the wall and a wire or two across the wall to hang current projects on… Hopefully it will fulfil its purpose, and create a flurry of creativity…

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Let’s just say my 3 day prediction was a tad optimistic… Mainly because it didn’t take into account that I had to spend most of the day doing deliveries and pickups, and a doctors visit, seemed to eat up all my time and motivation… So the rabbit hole didn’t get a lot of attention, in fact all I did was shuffle a few things about, sweep the floor and move a few books about…


So I will return to my original estimate of 4 days… Which won’t include the light fitting, as bunnings didn’t have the parts I needed.. So the light will need to wait till I can visit the giant mega hardware store that recently opened in Bathurst…. and visiting Bathurst can wait a week… So maybe  I will just finish everything else, and move rabbits around till then…



The need for a rabbit hole became increasingly apparent today… Two children participating in the tag team event of come find dad, and complain about things event… They never appeared at the same time, and as soon as one had been pacified (or told to bugger off), the other would appear… So work on the retreat was a little sporadic to say the least, but I may be finished tomorrow (fingers crossed)….


Day 55 – Building a Rabbit Hole (Day 1)….

I don’t have a dedicated “creative” space in my house… Which is what I am using as an excuse for my lack of creativity at the moment… In someways it is probably accurate, as I tend to pack up art stuff in-between using it, mainly to stop my daughter using pads of expensive paper to draw cats on… The cats are cute but not $2 a sheet cute, sorry princess… So today I started work on a separate creative space, one were my pens could be in easy reach and my art pads are free of slightly wonky cats… The only room that was available for conversion is the little “mud room at the front of the house…. It is part of the house, but at the same time removed… Unfortunately at the moment it is also a dumping ground…



Today was spent removing the junk… Tomorrow I will start putting back stuff… Then there will be a lot of shuffling and moving things a bit to the left… I am allowing myself 4 days for this… as I need to make a new light fitting… and that might take a whole day…

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