Day 29 – Close Up….

I still have a car full boxes and no where to put them… I am trying to tell myself I have an almost empty storage unit, actually back that up… What I have is a half empty storage unit and a two thirds full unit, so I am going to bite the bullet and give notice on one unit this week… So the mission for the next few weeks is sell…sell…sell… I must have had some kind of switch go off in my head recently, because even the stuff that I think is kind of cool, now just looks like something that is keeping me weighed down.. I opened a box of old camera stuff today, and I think old camera stuff is cool…


Then it occurred to me that it wasn’t even on display, it wast just a box in the way…


So I am dropping the box of camera gear to my partner, they can sell it straight away, and then I don’t need to think about that box anymore…


I just have to deal with the next box…and the next…and the next… Maybe my challenge should include 365 days of cleansing (my surroundings and mind)…

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One thought on “Day 29 – Close Up….

  1. Gillian says:

    It’s cleansing and cathartic if you can do it and let go. Think of it as setting yourself free 🙂
    Well done. OK….now I need to stop procrastinating, as I have done for a couple of years about refinancing my house and doing some refurbishing…..deep breath…..

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