Day 27 – Nothing to Report Sir…

Maybe my brain is in public holiday mode… An early morning brisk walk cleared the head a bit, and the knowledge that the kids would be home soon helped… So I spent the day playing maid, in that I spent the day catching up on all the cleaning and washing, and not that I spent the day chasing a young French woman around the house with a feather duster… Unfortunately…

So the house is clean, well cleaner than it would be if I could afford that maid anyway… The kids are home… And the week ahead is pretty much booked with either visits or things that need doing…

I was hovering on edge of a bad mood last night… Luckily I fell asleep before it could really take hold and keeping myself very occupied today seems to have dodged that particular bullet…

So without a chance to focus on things the black dog stayed at a manageable size… I even managed to get a photo of him…


And yes that is a heavy handed metaphor going on there…

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