Day 26 – Describe a Spiral Staircase….

Its one of those universal things, ask someone to describe a spiral staircase and they will make a circular motion with their finger, as they do.. As a downward stroking motion from the the chin will ensue, if you ask them to describe a goatee beard… This has nothing to do with anything, other than I have been watching Derren Brown DVDs today, in an attempt to seize control of the world through mind control… But instead of learning to be some kind of Sven Jolly (seinfield reference) I just took a nap on the couch… I suspect I take far to many naps to actually seize control of anything other than the TV remote, so you are all probably safe from my megalomaniacal rule.. Though I am sure the world would be a much better place under my control, there would be a lot less football and much more antique roadshow on TV for a start!!!!

Here is a picture of the steps/stairs I bought today… So yes all that first paragraph was just a justification for todays title and this picture…


Well yes, you say, I guess that could be loosely linked to “a staircase”…. You might continue “But seriously as a segway that is really pushing it, I mean the explanation of a describing a spiral staircase was interesting and all, but the spiral thing is pretty spurious isn’t it?”…. and I would be quite cheerful, because you will have fallen right into my trap, as I have bought two of these in the last couple of days…


So just shake my hand and say “well played sir, well played” and be on your way, with the knowledge I have bested you again….

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