Day 25 – I’d do anything for love…

But I won’t do that… The ‘that’ in this case is internet dating… Call me a neigh sayer, but i am more than a little skeptical that it is really not a good way to meet people.. Or not for me anyway, I am not wired for dating… I am hang out and watch movies, drink coffee and talk… I am not long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and piña
coladas… I am most definitely not be on my best behavior, pretend to be a better version of myself on dates, and maybe that is why I would be crap at dating… Maybe people expect people to presenting something bright and shiny on a date.. So if I sit their being myself, the person assessing me is subtracting 50%, assuming I am on my best behavior.. The truth doesn’t play well in the dating world… I think a lot of people say they want honesty on dating sites, because they are disappointed that Prince Charming turns out to be the beast… I prefer to start out the beast, and if people get to know me they might find me a charming beast…

So until they develop a “not really a dating site, more of a coffee shop where people who may get on can bump into each other”, I think I will stick to my original way of meeting people… Which is to be completely oblivious that anyone is interested in me, and wait for someone to hit me on the head with a lump of wood…


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