Day 24 – Not so Rock’n’Roll….

I am back from Reichenbach Falls (aka Bathurst)… The kids are delivered, to their weekend a fortnight with the hex-wife…  It’s raining and I am looking up to see if there are any interactions between my anti-anxiety medication and large quantities of vodka… I should add to that statement harmful interactions… Passing out from three glasses is not considered an unwanted side effect at the moment, and the idea of sleeping till monday is not in the least bit worrying… But it really isn’t very devil may care rock’n’roll, to be all responsible and look things up, is it?

At the moment I am so damn lonely and bored, that a nice chat with the emergent room nurses is trumping the “may cause violent stomach cramps, nausea and heart palpitations”… In fact I am getting the symptoms from just reading medical websites… another hour of this and I will have acquired a long list of imaginary ailments….

OK… I can’t see any side effects that I am not willing to live with… None of the warnings ended “AND DEATH”… but then again they all so didn’t mention “May cause Facebook embarrassment and singing along to Powderfinger songs… So I will just take my chances…

photo-137“leaving it unplugged saves power”

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