Day 21 – Fee Fi Foe….

The astute amongst you may have notice the lack of an Part Deux yesterday… Although I felt better after yesterday’s “brain dump”, and it did help for a while.. I got quite a lot done… But as the day went on things seem to slip away…While the technique of getting everything that is on you mind, off it seems to work for a while, I seem to be able to fill up again very rapidly…  I think the medical term is a shunt? like a tap to drain away stuff… I need one of those permanently attached to the side of my head…

So today with a colostomy bag of worries in my head, I decided the best thing to would be sit down and run numbers, and run numbers I did, like a mafia bagman….

Which was both good and bad… Not as bad as I thought and good to know I could still do math without having to use my fingers… I did best and worst case math…. I did the “oh my god, I waste that much on that” math… I don’t like math and math doesn’t like me, same goes for budgeting and sensible fiscal planning… But needs must when the devil drives… I do love that phrase… I am never so motivated as when I have a destination and no plan on how to arrive, I leads to another favourite phrase… Necessity is the mother of invention… I can be very inventive when some mother makes it necessary…



So I will get back to the abacus, and do battle with the spreadsheets once again… I must admit nothing pushes the unimportant worries out of my head like a job that needs doing….


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