Day 19 – Kiss….

I didn’t get a morning of the 19th of January…. I feel asleep sometime just before 12am on the 18th and woke up at 12:30pm the next day…

Now during that missing morning I could have been doing many things… Washing the dishes, drawing pictures or even hunting elk… Admittedly l that last one would have taken a bit of organization, including the purchase of a firearm and a ticket to either North America or possibly Mongolia…

Instead I slept, log like, probably snoring… Body doing that repair thing… Mind doing that not having a psychotic break due to lack of sleep thing…

So it’s 12:38 It took that long to run all the usual mental procedures required after a long sleep… Establish where you are… What the time is… Whether you now have a long white beard (either because you have slept for 30 years or you have suddenly become Gandalf)… That done I made my way to the kitchen, since no magical powers had appeared, I made coffee the old fashioned way, by setting the pod coffee thing in action (ok not that old fashioned)… Took the red pill, or the blue pill, which ever one keeps you in the matrix?…

Coffee on the verandah, blankly staring at trains… Trains are strangely relaxing… They rattle on a most pleasant way… The controller still blows a whistle, they haven’t given him a complicated battery powered noise maker… That is a good thing… However they do make him wear one of those dreadful Hi-Vis vests… I want conductors to wear a vest with shiny brass buttons, and a pocket watch, and maybe even a set of gold framed glasses to wear at the end of his nose as he checks the aforementioned watch…

You may read all that and think I am applying for my grumpy old man card… I suspect it is simpler than that… I woke up today craving simplicity, and questioning how I have let things become some complicated? So tomorrow, whenever I wake up, I am going to try for a bit or a paradigm shift…

photo 2


Aiming to try for a new set of rules that I can apply to everything I am overcomplicating… I need a solid set of rules that I can apply to every situation, whether it be sorting, selling or doing anything… How about….

photo 1-10

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