Day 18 – The Dawn Chainsaw Chorus…

7:30 am… That’s what time my day started… Not because I am an early riser filled with piss and vinegar, but because the neighbor decided that was a good time to use a chainsaw… Middle of a heatwave… Sleeping with windows open… Small girl with a stomach ache awake till three… Chainsaw…

I now have that fuzzy headache that goes along with four hours sleep…

I also have dishpan hands… I don’t want to be that person that complains about 1st world problems, but I will, living without a dishwasher is a bit of pain some days… Mainly those days when you neglect yesterday’s washing, and then do some baking… You know things a serious when you run out of teaspoons, it either means you are behind on the washing or overdosing on coffee.. I think it meant both today, as the sink was full and I am still awake…

The kitchen is now spotless, the tea spoons are abundant and I am watching Star Trek II (Khaaaann!!!)…


Other than catch-up cleaning it has been a very relaxing day… The children are in full Saturday mode, relaxed and enjoying a movie upstairs… I did a bit more carving (part of the one hour a day of creative stuff I promised myself)….

I also started sorting out the tattoo trunk… The time has come to fish or cut bait, as they say… If I am not going to start using it again, I may as well cash it in… and I am not quite ready to give it up…



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