Day 16 – Things I hate….

In this case are persistence, practice and patience… because they are those things that people tell you to do, to get better… Obviously!!!… It also annoys me that it took me so long to develop the attention span of an adult human instead of 12 week old kitten… Oh look something shiny!!!…

This realization (that really isn’t one), came to me today as I continued with carving up the old school desk… I have been methodical and patient, and even though I am just winging it (ie no instructions), and annoyingly my progress has been quite rapid…


I am sure if I use a stencil to lay down the designs, instead of free handing them, I might actually be happy with the finished product… and I am never happy with the finished product… You know those people who can do something in a half-assed way and in their mind it is perfect? I am not that person… In fact I often stare at amazement at them as they proudly show off their latest creations… Somedays I think I would swap half my ability for half of there self confidence… Or maybe that is what they did?

So I will continue with carving, as I find quite relaxing, a kind of meditation with sawdust… The other thing I need to do is open Pandora’s Box, well the trunk in the corner anyway… It has all my tattoo equipment stored inside, and it has been staring at me….

I think it is time to open the collection of boxes I have kept locked… Maybe they were locked till I was ready to handle what was inside? The universe is like that…


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