Day 15 – Muppets and Scandinavian Philosophers…

Ok men fall in…. Attention!… I would like to introduce General Malaise… (Quick salute)…


While it is a perfectly apt word to describe my current mood, I am not sure it is a good word to use out loud…. When the doctor asks you how you are felling, declaring you are suffering from a certain malaise does make the whole situation feel a bit Austin… This feeling should come with feinting couch and some     smelling salts….
Maybe it’s the weather, or the chemical cocktail but I am deficiently in the middle of a large malaise, I thought it may have been  extensional dread, but I don’t own a black turtle neck sweater… and besides if you think malaise is a difficult condition to get taken seriously, then you might want to steer clear of anything that requires you to explain who Kierkegaard is, and believe me that won’t cheer you up…

I have been thinking that without my up and down roller coaster moods, I am now very much the Grand Ol Duke of York.. Neither up nor down… The problem is people tend to focus on the “oh you are not feeling down, that’s great” part of things… I guess years of Sesame Street has conditioned people to the concepts of UP and DOWN, BLACK and WHITE… Shades of grey are not lessons delivered by Elmo and co… Although there is a chance that I can relate to Cookie Monster, and that whole compulsive eating thing…

Maybe malaise is the what depression turns into when you stop sobbing in the corner?… You get things back under control… You plan for the future and wear clean socks… but there is not a cup of joy to be seen… Damn those lying muppets!!!


One thought on “Day 15 – Muppets and Scandinavian Philosophers…

  1. Laurie says:

    I am happy to hear “you are not feeling down, that’s great”… (I was not sure how to convey that that was a joke… a possibly ill attempt at humor? But I am definitely doing my best to look at the bright side?) Actually, I really do wish you the best and hope you are able to shake the feeling of malaise… I have felt that way quite often- Sucks…

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