Boom Chika Wowow… (Bonus Post)….

First thing I should make very very clear is, this is not my bed and I am not going to buy it… Now that we have that clear, I should admit that if I had a larger garage and the required upholstery skills I would probably be putting in a bid on this eBay auction… It is currently at 99 cents and even that hasn’t tempted anyone… But part of my brain wants it…


The part that watched to many 70s movies maybe… This could be James Bond (the Roger Moore years)… It could be 2001 or Soylent green…


Headrests, levers, built in ashtrays and a stereo in the headboard… Pimped is the word you are looking for, or from the look of some of those stains, hepatitis could also be the word…


Sometimes people say things like “if only this piece of furniture/house/murder weapon could talk”… I don’t think this bed would be telling a family suitable story… You could probably read the story with one of those CSI torches that let you see the bodily fluids?…


In its prime it must have been impressive, and the wife of the neighbor that picked your car keys out of the bowl would have been very impressed…


I would like to think someone with some money and talent refurbishes this, and uses it… And that they have someone to hold the ladder while they put the mirrors on the ceiling…


PS – please excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken with a 16mm camera from behind a hidden two way mirror…

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