Day 9 – It started out normal….

I didn’t go for a walk today… I woke… Got dressed… And my knee went out… It does that occasionally, in fact my knee goes out more often than I do… It is a special knee that alerts me to bad weather and goes off like a four alarm fire every time I am throw it over a motorcycle… I had it fitted years ago with a simple operation involving a high powered bike and the windscreen of Toyota Camry…

I also think that it doesn’t take much of a knee twinge to scupper me on a rainy day… Especially when it is a Thursday.. Even more so when it is the 2nd Thursday of month, and I have to take the kids to spend their 5 minutes with their mother… Kids are doing their normal moody visit thing… I am doing my normal moody because the kids are moody thing… and pay tv is giving me funny ideas…

I watched a show on fluffies, or fuzzies or whatever they are called… I wasn’t really paying attention, but the idea of dressing up in a fluffy animal costume, and conducting all my romantic relations under the guise of a large black rabbit called Lord Fluffington, has a certain appeal.. and my dating profile picture would look something like this –


Actually now that I write it down, it concerns me that the idea is growing on me… This post didn’t start out as me coming up with a solution to my dating dilemma, but it seems to have ended that way…

Oh… I did drink tea and draw some anchors…



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