Day 8 – D8 – Date…

Yes I did sign up to some inter web dating sites today, for no other reason than I wanted to use a pun… No really, I did… And after a bit of looking about I came to a decision … The same decision I reached last time I looked… Internet dating is not an option… I am kind of thinking people must be making it up when they say they met on iHarm-on-me or risvip… It seems an odd way to spend an evening on the inter web, looking at pictures of strangers (with their clothes on)….


I think I shall just rely on those old fashion ways of meeting someone…

The laundromat – I have a machine for that, and so does everyone else…

Church – I don’t…

The gym – I prefer to walk alone…

Hmmm….. the fact that I am having trouble thinking of any other place to meet women could also be contributing to the problem, as might be the fact I was going to write sock-hop (I don’t know what that really is, and have never been to one) but it isn’t a hip reference that the kids these days would use…

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