Day 3 – Clock Watching….

Friday… I know that technically Friday in this house isn’t that different from any other day, but it feels like good time to call the week over… Even without work, and school I still need an end point, a day to watch a movie, have something special for dinner and plan to sleep in the next morning… So that is what is happening, we had tacos for dinner, and we are watching LOTR: The Two Towers on TV (well I am watching, while the boy child reads a book and the girl child naps)…

I dragged them out for a bit of a walk and some op-shopping… There was surprisingly little about, considering the amount of stuff that was mounting up outside their doors over the Christmas break… I did find a clock…

photo 1-6
I will commit that supposed crime of gutting the insides and replacing them with a battery unit… Although it has a cool beaten up look, it has no antique value.. It is purely decorative, so it may as well work.. I can use the brass cogs etc for other projects, or part them out on etsy…
Maybe the bells can be used in some kind of steampunk door chime? A few bits of string and a little hammer maybe… Just a thought… The key I will keep, because I always keep keys…

photo 2-5

I will leave you now, as the hobbits are being taken to Isengard and I still have 30 mins of sketching to do…

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