Day 2 – Welcome to the Cafe Embargo…

Coffee shops are off the menu for a while… They cause three problems (for me) , firstly they spend my money, secondly they make me want to smoke and lastly they stop me spending time with my children… In fact if I was going to name a couple of factors that featured in the demise of my marriage, I would blame smoking and cafés… Oh sure there are a list of other reasons that people would point out, but as usual they would be wrong… People often underestimate the interconnected nature of things, and mock the hurricane inducing butterflies that lurk on the other side of the world…  Or maybe my ability to track back every outcome to a single event is what keeps me hovering on the edge of depression and destined to be alone… Just a thought?…

Anyway, my original  point is I am avoiding coffee shops, to save cash and avoid the temptation to smoke. this no coffee shop thing required the purchase of one those coffee pod things… Which I did on the last day of 2013, so doesn’t count towards the whole buy nothing new thing (I know a bit cheaty)… But today I actually had my first coffee from it, and drank it on my pretend cafe on the verandah..  And it wasn’t to bad, and it didn’t cost me $5 and a trip to town, so all good there…

On other battle fronts of this year long challenge, the kids are being a bit French about the new heavily restricted video game time, after a few protests they have folded like a cheap tent… They are upstairs at the moment making bead necklaces, and reading books… Odd pastimes that require no batteries and cause my son to behave in strange ways, be all calm and chatting for example… The tv didn’t even go on till late afternoon, and that was only because I wanted to watch a documentary…

The hour of arty stuff a day is surprisingly the one challenge that is causing me the most trouble, and maybe I will have to reconsider leaving it till after dinner? I only just managed an hour yesterday, and I had to include the 20 minutes I spent making glitter stickers with my daughter to get there…

The morning walk will hopefully become easier… I suspect it is still the lingering muscle strain from all the furniture juggling is making me feel like I am trudging along in gumboots full of porridge…

So tonight I am reading a few books for artistic inspiration… I am going to count that as being arty today, as nicotine withdrawal seems to be making me sleepy not moody… Which is probably a good thing, but means pen to paper will have to happen earlier in the day….


In other news I am still waiting for two boxes of books I ordered last week, to arrive… One includes a book on quitting smoking, hope I don’t need it by the time it gets here… Some of the other titles are a bit scary, and I suspect are more of an window on my mind than I would like to admit… The other may or may not contain one or more books on dating the second time around etc, and they are now causing me angst from the post office waiting room they lurk in at the moment… So when those titles arrive  I might wrap them in an old jumper, then in an old suitcase and lower it into the cellar for a while, just to be safe…

UPDATE – Just as I was writing that last paragraph I received an email telling me one box of books is on its way….



One thought on “Day 2 – Welcome to the Cafe Embargo…

  1. Gillian says:

    An interesting collection of reading.
    Good luck with the not smoking thing.
    Well done on cutting down on computer/TV time…..good for everyone 🙂
    Good luck getting back on the dating scene……..

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