Day 1 – Getting a Handle on Things….

Started out the day with a short walk, very short due to the fact that I am in a bit of pain… I think I may have have over done it a little over the few days of 2013, lots of heavy furniture and a set of stairs is not a good combination… One the upside I now have a finished lounge room, or as finished as things get around here… There are always tweaks to be made, but I am trying to break the habit of fixating on the next thing, before the last is finished.. To that end I rummaged around the gargage to find the old copper drawer handles, that I knew where lurking in there, and finished the chest of drawers that has been 99% done for a few days…

photo 1-5

With one piece of furniture under my belt, I decided to carry on… The old high school science class bench that needed a good sand down and oil, and a few extra holes for cables to become a new entertainment unit… Sounded simple, and like all old furniture it put up a fight… So five hours later I have a new unit that takes all the tech and hides some other mess as a bonus…

photo 3-6

Actually most of the jobs today put up a fight, the old farmhouse table I bought to use as a desk came up well, but is slightly lower than my last desk… This meant I had to remove the arms from my office chair, which lead to a 20 minute search for the right size hex key for the bolts…. So I will finish up the daylight hours of the day with a cup of green tea and a book… The kids will be home soon, which should be interesting as I have replaced quite a few bits of furniture in few days they have been gone, and moved everything else… Cook a little dinner, do the whole movie and popcorn thing, and when they are in bed I may get my one hour a day of drawing in, if my arm doesn’t fall off…



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