365 Reasons for looking forward to 2014…

The last post of 2013 is the traditional list of crimes for the year, and penance for the next… In fact I have spent at least to coffees today trying to name next years plan… I wasn’t very successful, my future in product branding seems in doubt… Maybe by the time I need to write the next blog entry tomorrow night I will have come up with a snappy title for the whole 365 days of Buying nothing new, spending less, making more, getting healthy, committing time to art, forgiving, letting in love, getting rid of clutter and a thousand other dot points…


I will work on that a bit, as it probably isn’t rolling of the tongue as is, but you get the idea… It is the usual new year, new me bollocks on steroids… But sometimes you either go big or go home, or if you are home already and big than do the other thing…. I have been trying to leave a lot of anger and hurt behind me of late… forgive that bridge and then set fire to it…


I have not gotten rid of my baggage, but I have stopped carrying around myself and gotten a trailer for it… Hopefully this new year will allow me to free myself of some more baggage, both metaphorical and literal… In fact maybe clearing the literal will help with the metaphorical? or vice versa? Whichever way it works, I hope you will come along for the ride, it wont all be philosophy and stuff, there will be hitting things with hammers and that type of thing too… I am looking forward to getting a bit full on with projects, decorating, art, cooking and the like… Enough to fill a daily blog entry is going to be hard-work, which should be an interesting shock to system…


Hopefully your 2014, like mine, will be filled with the things you need… Love… Hope…. Joy… in the measures that will help you become that person you wanted to be, before you got sidetracked with stuff that probably doesn’t matter… Time and Love are the only things of value I have ever coveted… Remembering to live is the aim in 2014….

Don’t you cry for the lost
Smile for the living
Get what you need and give what you’r given
Life’s for the living so live it
Or you’re better of dead

Passenger – “Life’s for the living”….


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