The Christmas Wrap….

We made it through xmas with barely a scratch, in fact this was probably one of the most relaxing, family orientated yules I can remember… Maybe because I stretched it out a bit, a party for the kids to be kid like…

photo 1

Surrounded by kids, food, music and the famous santa wookie was a great day for them… I am still a lump of anxiety and awkwardness, but they had fun…

photo 3

Lily got to play with little girls, doing little girl things… Though she still spent a lot of her time playing with her brother too…

photo 4

Sibling rivalry not really a major problem… Which is good, as I had horror stories from my ex of her battles with her sister, and as an only child I knew no different… But it seems that if you don’t drop them in a pit to compete with each other like a couple of scared dogs, you dot have to worry too much…

photo 1-1

The Boy child had a great time, with the notable exception of the “slice of doom” incident… One of the dangers of getting all hippy is that parties may contain treats that look tasty but contain something you are not expecting.. The look on his face was priceless as he bit down into a slice made from chickpeas…

photo 4-1

Christmas Eve was spent at my mothers house in Bathurst, some traditional meat and meat and more meat dinner, an exchange of gifts and the traditional drive around town viewing christmas light displays before heading home…

photo 5-1

The Girl child made some scrabble name plates for the table… Including the parent heart melting one, for me…

photo 5

Christmas day was very calm and relaxing, lots of hugs and chats and lounging around, and since they didn’t need to worry about traveling to their mothers till boxing day they just enjoyed the day, and so did I…

photo 2

These are my gifts… I treasure them everyday….


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