The Long Game….

It is a busy time of year, he said… No shit Sherlock!!!, responded everyone else… However your busyness is your business, and these are my ramblings and I shall state the obvious if I want… The christmas rush is upon me, but not the run out and spend money on things I cant afford rush, but the tidy up loose ends rush…


I have always taken a pick an mix view of beliefs, from blaming norse weather gods for bad weather, to crediting the horse shoe with luck.. At the moment I am misappropriating Feng Shui  to my own ends, in particular the part about not going into a new year with unfinished projects… Obviously I am going to be selective about the projects that applies too, if I was to try and finish every half-finished and half-assed job around here, I would need to live considerably longer than  I plan to… I am narrowing it to the things that need doing to get the house organised and aesthetically pleasing… finishing painting, hanging, rearranging and cleaning type things… It will be a near thing but it is looking good, and a few days of warm weather in the right places and the job, as they say will be a good’in…

This unchararoterisc flurry of activity is being driven, in part, by a plan… A plan that had its genesis over ice-cream one night a few weeks ago… The children and I were viewing BBC Knowledge, as documentary viewing makes up part of my homeschooling program, this particular documentary was about money, specifically women’s attitude to money… As we watched workaholics and vacuous goldiggers we chatted, and then we saw a woman that did without money at all, this involved a bit of dumpster diving (which the girl-child seemed surprisingly ok with)… The topics turned to that question “does money buy happiness”, easily answered, NO!.. but what could we do to prove that? Well with a piece of paper and a bit of brainstorming, we decided that money gets you things, things don’t make you happy, doing things can make you happy…. and most obvious (after a child tells you) having fun makes you happy… So it becomes my job to turn a piece of paper covered in scribbles into a plan…


….So give or take a few tweaks the plan is this, starting on the first day of the new year we are going to embrace living and reject consumerism.. 365 days of buy nothing new, make do and mend and do more with each other… A simple little mission statement that requires a list of “yes we can”, “No we can’t” and “of course that doesn’t apply to underwear” type of rules… It will an eye opener for the me and the kids I think.. More traveling on trains and less time in the car… More packed lunches and less expensive takeaway… More analogue and less digital… Maybe I am finally going to get my hippy dippy life, the same life I railed against as a child, but that I now long for, for myself and my children… They have their own lists, mostly about travel, cooking and making things, even the permanently plugged in Borg child is, if not keen, at least accepting…


So as part of the commitment I will be boring readers in 2014 with a blow by blow, of this challenge… It has become a turning point for me I think, so I need to keep track of the progress and the stumbles… I want to be able to look back a year from now I say “I did it!!!”.. So I need this blog (and the occasional comment) to keep me focused, and away from department stores… Wish us Luck….



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