I had to leave the house today… Not usually worthy of a newsflash, but today I had no milk for my coffee, and that requires leaving the house… Leaving the house at the moment is not a stress free thing… That whole pesky mountains of fire thing, has been made worse by reports of looters taking advantage of the empty houses, to make staying and leaving your house an anxiety causing event… and lets add to that the rather nasty withdrawals from the prozac as it leaves my system (sweating, shaky and the over-wealming desire to hunt people that annoy me)…..

Of course I still have the one drug of choice, that only cost a few dollars and doesnt get me arrested… A quick op-shop visit… looking for that little high that comes from a good score, and I consider this a score…

Photo1-350An early 1900s Arts and crafts mantle clock… It is missing one hand and its pendulum, but it was $5…. I can live with a few repairs for that price…..

Photo2-102…. all brass and wood and labels, and a little lever that makes the bell go ding (did I mention the withdrawals?)…. If I am keeping the clock I may just replace the mechanism with a battery one for the time being… I have a fear of commitment, that means I cant be trusted to wind up a clock…



and there is a temptation to put an LED or five in the bottom to light up the lead-light…. because it will look cool and annoy antique purists…..

Photo3-88…. I am trying to decide if it is the minute hand, or the hour hand I need to make…. and also how long it will before my hands stop shaking enough to use a pair of tinsnips, without losing a hand myself….




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3 thoughts on “Time….

  1. Gillian says:

    If you want to be totally irreverent it could be adapted to something fabulously Steampunk….it’s a fabulous score no matter what you do with it and a nice little high šŸ™‚

  2. $5!! Even with the missing bits, this is a cool clock! Worth it just for its pretty face. (Hope you feel better soon.)

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