Out of the Frying Pan….

For those readers that don’t know, large sections of the blue mountains have been on fire, including a bit near me… Very near in fact, within a couple of hundred meters last night… So last night I didn’t sleep much, but I did have a lot of time to think, which was annoying, but luckily my children were safe with their mother an hour away… I did spend a few hours drinking coffee and watched the fire move across my view from the deck…

DSC_0526SInce I was in that strange limbo of, just waiting, or waiting to be told it was time to go, I got to do that thing where you look around the house for those things you load in the car, in case the house is not where you left it when you get back… Which first of all makes you realise just how much stuff you own, and how little of it I really would try to save… The kids are out of the house, so that leaves the traditional “photos” to save, but in truth most of those live in the “cloud” so that wont take up much room… So it came down to my phone, a green leather jacket I bought in London, a signed Terry Pratchett novel and small lego castle from my childhood…. and thats what I packed… I am very grateful that I didn’t need to leave, and that the firefighters kept the flames away from the houses opposite me, and very mindful that there are at least 100 households at the moment that did lose everything….

So this evening I am taking a bit of time to try and hold onto that feeling I had at 3am this morning, that stuff just isn’t that important…



3 thoughts on “Out of the Frying Pan….

  1. vintagekaren says:

    Glad you didn’t have to evacuate, but I loved that you packed your lego castle!! I’ve been dealing with the issue of stuff too as I get rid of some inherited things.

  2. sewexhausted says:

    I hear the fires are pretty bad- I am glad your home is ok! I live in a fire area (It is fire season right now as a matter of fact) and a few years ago I was packed and ready to go- photo albums and my sewing machines. That’s all I needed! I did not have to leave but I thought about that same thing! And as long as me and the kids were safe ultimately that is all that mattered… Stay safe! ~Laurie

  3. redagapeblog says:

    Fantastic shot…..but frightening.

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