Back in the saddle…

Starting to get back in the swing of mountain life, and also got to do a bit of op-shopping yesterday…. and it was just a bit, in spite of the quantity of stuff I found…

photo 1-1


An original Kartell storage unit… They still make these, but not in this colour, and in my opinion not of the same quality… I purchased this from an antique shop for less than half the price i have seen them in a local vinnies op-shop… so it counts as thrifting 😉

photo 2-2


The not so drab green, Splendid by Olympia… I am very bad at passing up typewriters, especially if they are interesting colours….



I have the same issue with scales… A nice little 70s Persineware with its original bowl…

photo 4-1A funky original paisley lamp shade for one dollar… I have a base in the shed that will work with this one…

photo 3-3


A lamp base that will end up as steampunk project… and a vintage hem measuring device, which will probably be put to use as an aid for scale in pictures of items being photographed for sale…

photo 1-2


I sold one of these a while ago… and now I have another… The willow brand budget tin, from an era when bills could be payed by saving coins…

photo 2-1


An art deco plane that has seen better days… It may be rescued or repurposed…

photo 4-2


Another pile of vintage SUBBUTEO table soccer players to add to the large box I already have… They have been on my “to sort” list for years… They need to go into teams and be identified, some are worth a few dollars, but some teams are worth a lot… So they will sit for a while longer till I feel particularly OCD…

photo 3-2


…and the find of the day… An old paper dispenser from a store… I have been searching for one of these for a long time.. I dream of one day having a little shop that allows me to wrap things in brown paper and string… Not enough gets wrapped these days….


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7 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. Gillian says:

    Good scores, you find fab stuff. Can wait to see the Steampunk item. And parcels wrapped wit string make my heart sing.

  2. reretro says:

    all good stuff. i’m still waiting to hear if that lovely vintage ornate teacup was something special, as you thought it might be.

  3. Serious envy. Seriously. the Kartel. the typewriter. The paper roller. A happy day…

  4. You have a good eye. I had an Olympic Typewriter back when it was the newest technology, but not in that great color. My dad used a paper roller similar to this, to wrap meat in when he was a butcher in the 50’s.

  5. Reblogged this on Picked for You and commented:
    It would be fun to try and find this stuff locally.

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