Mr. Lucky…..

My random approach to homeschooling is probably best not assessed by those with a traditional approach to learning…. So far this week there has been very little “schooling” going on, there has been quite a few books read, topics discussed and the odd bit of cooking… Last night we viewed a Derren Brown show about luck, which has nicely explained my opinions on what makes me “lucky”… I am open to opportunities, therefore opportunities that go unnoticed by some, get noticed by me…. Its not magic, its just paying attention… The kids seemed to get that concept…



I am waiting to hear back from some experts, about a tea-cup I picked up…. If past experience is an accurate prediction of the way things work, it will be worth exactly the same amount as the repairs on my car will cost… Thats not pessimism, or optimism, just the “even-steven” way things seem to go for me… Get a bill, the amount will show up… to test the theory full I should put in an offer on a house, and see if I find something worth $400000 that afternoon… Maybe not, but it is nice to dream somedays…. we will see if the cup is going to cover the cost of car repairs, or just the cost of a cup of coffee to drink while I wait for the bad news….


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2 thoughts on “Mr. Lucky…..

  1. itwasjudith says:

    good luck with the cup!

  2. reretro says:

    you are indeed mr lucky. and i think you might be right about the cup. either way – it’s quite a beautiful piece!

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