The Up-Hill Battle….

I have been away longer than I planned…. The move to the mountains was a little more draining than predicted, and the piper demanded his fee…. My health, both psychical and mental suffered a bit (to put it mildly), and dramas aplenty piled on to have a good kick… I am officially now 1 week down in the new house, I didn’t start counting till all the loose ends where wrapped up with the moving, and there were more loose ends than expected….

But…. We are now officially on our mountain…. and at some point (when the clouds are gone) I will be able to see things a bit more clearly…. I am slowly getting settled in, unpacking the never-ending box stack and playing musical chairs with furniture, and chairs…. Fingers crossed the selling can begin again soon, nothing like setting up in a new house to drain the wallet, and add to that a car with a buggered clutch, and there shall be money juggling for a while yet…



Sitting on the balcony this morning with a large coffee, it felt as though I had never been away…. that is probably not a good thing, it would tend to suggest the last 18 months of my life have been on pause…. So for the moment I will focus on fixing, my health, my surroundings, my car and my kids…. And it feels like I am in the place where that could happen, geographically if not emotionally….


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One thought on “The Up-Hill Battle….

  1. LK Hattinen says:

    I hope you feel better soon, don’t give up! I’m sending you some positive energy 🙂

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