It is all Yellow….

I have been a slack blogger…. It would be nice to blame this on being busy, or depressed, but it is both and neither… I am pushing ahead with house-hunting and packing, and boxes and real-estate websites have been occupying the part of my brain that is normally reserved for over-thinking and over posting… I took the day off from all that yesterday for a drive in the countryside with the kids, a visit to a park and only one op-shop along the way…. I spent $2 on candlesticks…



This is the after shot…. 10 layers of wax and grime had to be removed first, revealing an amazing pair of mid-century ceramic candle-sticks…. This was one of those learning on the job for the kids moments, their initial confusion at me getting all excited about some manky bits of pottery  gave me the opportunity to show them what I saw… With a lot of cleaning and a nice photo they could see the end product, and I explained this is what I saw when they were covered in filth at the bottom of a box… I think they got it….

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One thought on “It is all Yellow….

  1. I love those candlesticks! If I weren’t a world away, I would buy them from you today!

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