Separation Anxiety….

I have been filling a box with comics, so todays title comes to from an issue of Venom/Spiderman, and not that I am splitting the work/life parts of my life finally… On advice from my therapist (and everyone else) I have made the commitment to remove the selling part of my world from my home… I have a big empty storage unit…



….Well I had an empty unit, now I have a slowly filling unit…… I am hoping it is kind of a snowball thing, the more I sort and put in boxes the easier it gets…..



It has been quite slow to start…. Since the idea is to sort, edit and store stuff… Getting a whole box of one type of thing, say vintage silver teapots, shouldn’t be as easy as it is…. But as I got started filling boxes with similar themed stuff got easier and faster…..



I am working on the plan of most valuable stuff goes in first, that way if I do start to run out of room I am not going to feel bad about donating the overflow of cheaper stuff to a local charity…. It is also helping me get the idea that I have enough stuff to sell to fund my relocation in a stress free way… Raising the moving funds was stressful, so I will repay the moving funds instead… Much easier that way…



Next week I will attempt to get the shelving system in to allow maximum use of space, and the wall on the right will take the remaining 70 boxes of collectables…. 100+ boxes of “stock seemed a little daunting, but now as it gets sorted I am less worried… The idea of being able to just pull a box or 5 off the shelf to fill up the market stall table is as reassuring, as the fact I have just put 6 vintage 60s floor lamps in storage is concerning… but it is progress…

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