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Back to the Future…..

Due to a superstitious nature, I haven’t been posting blog updates since putting in the application for our new house in the mountains….Tomorrow we are going to pick up the keys and move in those all important first few boxes…. So expect a lot of updates over the next month as we settle into our new mountain home…. In a kind of good omen for our return today I found these….



Vintage tourist serviette rings from the the Blue Mountains, depicting the 3 sisters…. Much like the way I read my horoscope occasionally and pick and choose the information to fit… I will take they random finding of kitsch tourist items as a sign of good times ahead…

It is all Yellow….

I have been a slack blogger…. It would be nice to blame this on being busy, or depressed, but it is both and neither… I am pushing ahead with house-hunting and packing, and boxes and real-estate websites have been occupying the part of my brain that is normally reserved for over-thinking and over posting… I took the day off from all that yesterday for a drive in the countryside with the kids, a visit to a park and only one op-shop along the way…. I spent $2 on candlesticks…



This is the after shot…. 10 layers of wax and grime had to be removed first, revealing an amazing pair of mid-century ceramic candle-sticks…. This was one of those learning on the job for the kids moments, their initial confusion at me getting all excited about some manky bits of pottery  gave me the opportunity to show them what I saw… With a lot of cleaning and a nice photo they could see the end product, and I explained this is what I saw when they were covered in filth at the bottom of a box… I think they got it….

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Separation Anxiety….

I have been filling a box with comics, so todays title comes to from an issue of Venom/Spiderman, and not that I am splitting the work/life parts of my life finally… On advice from my therapist (and everyone else) I have made the commitment to remove the selling part of my world from my home… I have a big empty storage unit…



….Well I had an empty unit, now I have a slowly filling unit…… I am hoping it is kind of a snowball thing, the more I sort and put in boxes the easier it gets…..



It has been quite slow to start…. Since the idea is to sort, edit and store stuff… Getting a whole box of one type of thing, say vintage silver teapots, shouldn’t be as easy as it is…. But as I got started filling boxes with similar themed stuff got easier and faster…..



I am working on the plan of most valuable stuff goes in first, that way if I do start to run out of room I am not going to feel bad about donating the overflow of cheaper stuff to a local charity…. It is also helping me get the idea that I have enough stuff to sell to fund my relocation in a stress free way… Raising the moving funds was stressful, so I will repay the moving funds instead… Much easier that way…



Next week I will attempt to get the shelving system in to allow maximum use of space, and the wall on the right will take the remaining 70 boxes of collectables…. 100+ boxes of “stock seemed a little daunting, but now as it gets sorted I am less worried… The idea of being able to just pull a box or 5 off the shelf to fill up the market stall table is as reassuring, as the fact I have just put 6 vintage 60s floor lamps in storage is concerning… but it is progress…

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