Hand Painted Heart…..

Forty Five minutes… Thats how long it took my sons teacher to phone me after school started yesterday….I have no idea what she wanted because her message asked me to give her a tinkle, so I didn’t respond… I mean really if a 50+ year old teacher cant leave a sensible message, what chance do I have of talking sense to her?… anyway the discussion was rendered null and void, by my son faking a stomach ache a short time later, so the next call I received was from the office to collect him… this also prevented me from turning up to her office with a urine sample… So all good…. And the weekend can start on friday this week, as I am sick of having to talk kids into going to a school that they clearly don’t like….



Besides a school free day gets me this face, and not the tired teary one…. She is becoming quite the little bargain hunter… I was surprised last night to find her watching a vintage home show that I had forgotten was on… She said “I want Kirsty (the host) to do my room, I really like her style”…. There is hope that my child will find her sense of personal style, against the odds of DNA 🙂

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