A New Addiction – Fountain Pens…

I bought a big box of “junk” yesterday for $35…. and I am still going through it, trying to price and identify everything, So expect this box to provide at least another blog entry or two… but today I got fixated by some of the pens that I found in the box…



Vintage fountain pens, and even a bottle of ink to refill them with…. They appeal to my need for making a ritual of things, and unscrewing bits, and pulling levers and dipping things in ink seems like a very nice ritual to me…



There are a pile of other fountain pens in the box, but these took my fancy for show and tell…. Something about the machine turned sterling silver one with its 14k gold nib is kind of intoxicating…. Seems I have found something else to search and rummage for….



…. and tomorrow I might head down to a coffee shop and see how they draw for me….. I am embracing little slivers of happiness this week….

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