The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul….

My weekend without children… So of course I am living it with the dancing girls…. OK…. I sitting home on a Friday night drinking herbal tea and watching Eurovision….



Actually feeling a bit like my pet skull… A little dark and sunken… I have been at the mercy of a dam ear worm all day, you know those little words you hear that then spend there day burrowing into your brain…. So I have been practicing the technique my therapist suggested on thursday… replacing the reoccurring thoughts with reoccurring affirmations…. I suspect she has underestimated my susceptibility to ear worms…. Feeling very glad that I made my next appointment for one week and not two… That is the advantage of knowing your weaknesses and triggers, I was fully aware that more than the usual day and a half with the kids would leave me plenty of time to go all dark and moody…



So over the next four days there will be lots of black ink sketches and black coffee…. and I may even just build a fort out of blankets and cushions and hide away with the stack of magazines, that I haven’t read yet…. and sulk till tuesday….




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