Verona for a while I take my leave…..

As the time nears to leave this town, am I suddenly rethinking the idea…. Hells to the no…. Adding to my reasons to be out of here is my exes new “boyfriend”… For reasons I cannot fathom, creepiness or insecurity?…..It has been pointed out to me by an acquaintance of hers, that said boyfriend had been sitting at the next table to me at my local coffee shop “on more than one occasion”…. Since he is apparently a non smoker, sitting in the smoking section does seem a trifle strange…. Now since this person was not on my radar, I am a little pissed that they have managed to put themselves on my radar…. and the whole thing is just a bit creepy and weird, added to that, he dresses like a high school  drama teacher I had in the 80s (this is not a compliment, in fact if anyone ever says you dress like a drama teacher be offended)….

I did toy with the idea of letting him eavesdrop while I spoke some “truth” but to be honest I really couldn’t be bothered…. But if the eavesdropping and eyeballing continues there may be words…. Words like sweater vest and goatee wearing creepy stalker….


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