The Saint…. minus the Volvo P1800….

No post yesterday as I kind of hit a wall, or fell in a heap…. Whatever it was I was a hard crash… Actually I do know what it was… It was mothers day yesterday, and a hard nasty day was had…. I spent the whole day occupying and distracting children with a happy fixed grin, and it drained me…. It was a crap day….


Maybe thats why I bought this today? or maybe not…. Old enamel bedpan…. I really have no idea why….

Photo5-22…and just in case copper enamelling suddenly comes back I will be ahead of the curve with these cool books…. Actually I might keep an eye out for one of those cool little kilns the used to have at school……


…. A giant tea diffuser? or something like that…. I am actually considering turning it into the lampshade for the elephant lamp-stand I bought a while back…..


Some Nintendo 64 games….. I don’t often find games in op-shops these days…. So I was quite surprised to find a pile all in one place, I am sure I will be digging out the old nintendo for my little Tetris junky to try Tetrisphere soon….


…..Vegans in the audience close your eyes…. A vintage 60s patchwork snakeskin clutch…. and yes it is real hissing thing skin…..


….Old paper guillotines, are one of those this I can never walk past… and this one is pretty fancy compared to the normal old school versions I find… The cast handle and original green finish is the kind of thing that really appeals to me… so some of my boring brown ones may soon be up for sale…. and the final find of the day, and my favourite….


An original “THE SAINT” fan club pin…..Now all I need to find is a mint Volvo P1800 in a shed somewhere and I will be set…..

Thankfully a day of op-shopping with a good friend kept me distracted and occupied today….. Yesterday was horrid and tomorrow will probably be worse for different reasons…. but today gave me a chance to take a deep breath in between…. and sometimes I do just need to remember to breath….

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