Sunday Drive….

Technically a saturday drive, but it felt like a sunday…. My new technology crackdown has freed up a lot of times to do things, and what they mostly do is complain that they have nothing to do…. Hence the sunday drive on a saturday…. We ended up on some back country road that lead to some tiny villages, villages with op-shops and cafes and winding roller coaster corners that made the kids yell ‘WhoooHooo’….

We found some fun bits and pieces, with the kids rummaging and bringing me things they thought I might like…. and some of them I really did… I think with a bit more experience they could really hone their ‘eye’ for junk…



A very cool Art Deco desk caddy spotted by my daughter…. Very cool, once I cleaned it all up and un-gunked the clock movement… It is ticking away on my desk right now….



A very solid industrial basket….. Not sure why? It may end up with a timber top and shelf in the middle… Make a nice side/lamp table maybe?



A wrought iron stool and stepladder in one…. I will strip it back, or rather I will put it in the pile of 20s/30s cafe style furniture waiting to be stripped and restored…..



Which means I will be adding these to the pile too….. I predicted a very bit vat of paint stripper somewhere in my future….

After a couple of hours of driving, eye-spy and singing along to the best of Robbie Williams we found a cafe…. Hot chocolates to start….



and french toast to finish…. just yum… It is nice to be getting back to a position where I can actually treat the kids occasionally…..



I was particularly impressed that my video game obsessed child, has been video game free since 6 o’clock last night without his head exploding… I was also impressed at his ability to eat and drink while never looking up from a book that was on the shelf in the cafe…. A good day again….

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One thought on “Sunday Drive….

  1. itwasjudith says:

    what a great day out! so glad you had such nice trip with the kids, out of videogames and into the real world 🙂 like the stuff you brought back

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