Partial Eclipse of the Heart…

My apologies to Bonnie Tyler….. We had a partial solar eclipse here in Australia yesterday, and I had one of those parenting wins that make the world seem a bit nicer…. I wasn’t actually aware there was going to be an eclipse, as I tend to avoid news channels, but in my half awake, get my first coffee in state, I noticed a disturbance in the force…. or a weird light on the back deck….


WIth a bit of retina burning squinting, I finally figured out there was a partial eclipse going on… A mad dash inside, tear the cornflake box on the counter in half, and stab the 2 pieces with a skewer to make a pin hole…. It was just easy to tell the kids to come outside quickly, than explain why…. A quick tutorial on the low tech eclipse viewing equipment and my children have seen their first eclipse…. they did that whole being amazed thing, that allowed my to do away with my jaded adult view, and be amazed too…..


After quite a few pictures I finally figured out that holding the lens of pair of vintage RayBans in front of the iPhone camera would allow me to get a picture….. a very good day to be a Dad…..

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