Vintage – Boss Level….

A very good day in the op-shop/vintage hoarding world…. I have accepted that this is probably how I will be making ends meet for the foreseeable future, unless art or book thing gets offered to me on a silver platter… I will be buying a new marquee and returning to the world of markets and fairs…. Days like this remind me that it really is the thing I am good at, and since I deal in “decorator” items, not antiques as such, I seem to be able to find things I find cool everywhere…



This bedside clock had been ignored by the 20 bargain hunters that had got to the op-shop before me this morning…. Maybe because it said Made in China?… China has a points in its history made quite good items… and this wonderfully heavy, glass fronted and enamelled wind up alarm clock is good quality… and the fact that the little cat eyes dart back and forth every tick and tock makes it cool…..



and maybe this one wasn’t vibrant enough? I like it because it has an elegant simplicity of function, while still being very 50s… Made in Germany… Porcelain body and the glass at the front opens so you can adjust the time without taking it off the kitchen wall…..



Not my style of thing, but the set of USA made spice containers will make someone happy… I normally only buy stuff I like, but I make exceptions when I find mint unused older stuff… The original box and unused spice stickers will make someones day when they find it on my market stall in a few months time….



Hand made and tooled bohemian leather goods tend to end up in my shopping basket too… They look great on the stall, if my daughter doesn’t claim them… and there is a very unique pleasure to cleaning up and restoring old leather to live another day (or decade)….



Vintage dress patterns are one of those thing that I got into picking up, possible because it gives me something else to search through at op-shops on a slow day, and partly because it causes giggles from the elderly women that serve me….



Bud vases as plentiful…. I always pick up the good ones…. They make great gifts, and always sell well… Plus I use them at home quite often… I don’t do the whole bunches of flowers thing… But I can manage single flowers from the garden….



Little bottles are always hard to resist, maybe its because in my head I see them each with a little label saying “Drink Me”……



A brass bunny for the bunny collection…. I only buy bunnies that look a bit evil…. No cute little thumper bunnies in my collection!



I actually started out dealing exclusively in video games, many moons ago… So of course I still pick them up when I see them, though the days of finding $1 game and watches at garage sales are long gone….



Ukulele number two…. I am threatening the kids with making us all join the ukulele club when we get back the mountains… So I just need to find one more….



A nice pile of metal vintage frames…. These are being stockpiled at the moment for me to put my own art in….. Luckily most people still find these frames not “kitsch” enough, so I can still get them at reasonable prices….

Photo2-89 A very heavy half a safe, half a filing cabinet…. Locked and with no key…. Hard to say no to a locked box!!!! I will try some of the 200 keys I have… and then I will try to pick the lock….. and then I will resort to drilling out the lock….



It is seriously tempting to keep this after I get the lock function again…. It really is over engineered…. Might make a good lock-up for things that are to big for the safe?



Vintage souvenir tea towels are great… Made from high quality linen, never used by there former owners and cheap… Even if you don’t use them for other purposes they still make very useful items in the kitchen, for drying dishes….



And the final find of the day, A Rabone dress makers ruler…. with waist measure (the curved brass bit)….

So as you can see not a bad haul for a quick morning op-shop run…. and I can relax with a bit of cleaning an polishing treasures till it is time for the school run…. I am trying to embrace the simple pleasures this week….


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One thought on “Vintage – Boss Level….

  1. itwasjudith says:

    nice items! i have a clock like the made in germany one somewhere and a hare/bunny fixation of sort….. love the idea of using the frames for your art works 🙂 xx

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