Take a Polaroid…. It lasts longer….

My little girl had a haircut yesterday, and looks less little…..I remember, when they were babies, wishing they were older so we could talk, and walk and do things together…. And I can…. but somedays I miss the little helpless things that took naps on top of me…. Looking at old pictures makes me a bit melancholy…..



…but it also makes me more determined to not miss any of the next few years…. I dragged them both grocery shopping tonight against their will, it may be easy to shop without them, but it is also an empty experience… and I like to think I am teaching them valuable skills, like how to shop on a budget and how to get items for free when they scan at the wrong price, we are eating free organic chicken sausages tonight because they scanned at the wrong price 🙂 I may be inflicting a life of op-shops and garage sales on them, but hopefully I am also helping them understand that waste and wasting money doesn’t make you happy….



I keep trying to remind myself that all children really need is a parent that is present, and not presents….


8 thoughts on “Take a Polaroid…. It lasts longer….

  1. redagapeblog says:

    Oh yes, i can totally relate to the hair cut and looking older. My 12yr old chopped hers off two weeks ago and now looks around 16….eeek!
    I think it’s normal to feel melancholy looking at old photos. Parenting is certainly a bittersweet experience. It hurts so much to watch them grow, but makes me proud at the same time.
    Free organic sausages!? what a score. 🙂

  2. itwasjudith says:

    very wise thoughts 🙂 the presence of a person is far more important than material presents, plus they hopefully will learn about sustainability values while joining you in your re-use shopping. love the organic shopping as well!

  3. reretro says:

    your daughter looks gorgeous…happy and content.

  4. Beautiful. For a moment I thought you were writing about my life *lol*. Such a sweetheart you have there.. You’re so blessed. Thanks for sharing!

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