Inside my Mind….

Still wrestling with the black dog….. Piles of emails and enquires going unanswered at the moment… The unexamined life may not be worth living, but I would counter by misquoting EB White…. “Analysing My Life is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.”…..


So rehashing things with professional listeners is making me feel worse, but I am committed to sticking to it for the next year…. With the hope of slight change, if not for myself, then at least for my children… It would be nice to be able to take them out into the world, without the majority of my attention being focused on my own crushing anxiety….. So fidgeting fingers crossed, that dwelling in the things that haunt me, will help me eventually…. Feeling very exposed at the moment…


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One thought on “Inside my Mind….

  1. itwasjudith says:

    “rehashing things with professional listeners is making me feel worse”. is this because you have to talk about things that normally would just be pushed back into a pandora box that never gets opened? I was going through a small cycle of therapy (it was basically just talk-for-an-hour sessions) and it was exhausting in that poking around the past is not a light hearted exercise and then weird dreams creep in at night… not sure how much that helps but sometimes we have to walk through a dark tunnel in order to come out on the other side in the light. I hope that this is the case. In my experience, if possible, it’s worth attempting such “exercise” in times when there is nothing very important going on (in my case exams etc); though, sometimes we can’t simply postpone it. Thanks for your posts, they’re really interesting and I find familiar elements in what you describe. I liked the “attracted to broken things” one. All the best and wish things will get slowly to a more comfortable place.

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