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Hand Painted Heart…..

Forty Five minutes… Thats how long it took my sons teacher to phone me after school started yesterday….I have no idea what she wanted because her message asked me to give her a tinkle, so I didn’t respond… I mean really if a 50+ year old teacher cant leave a sensible message, what chance do I have of talking sense to her?… anyway the discussion was rendered null and void, by my son faking a stomach ache a short time later, so the next call I received was from the office to collect him… this also prevented me from turning up to her office with a urine sample… So all good…. And the weekend can start on friday this week, as I am sick of having to talk kids into going to a school that they clearly don’t like….



Besides a school free day gets me this face, and not the tired teary one…. She is becoming quite the little bargain hunter… I was surprised last night to find her watching a vintage home show that I had forgotten was on… She said “I want Kirsty (the host) to do my room, I really like her style”…. There is hope that my child will find her sense of personal style, against the odds of DNA 🙂

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Gypsy Blood….

Much to the embarrassment of my grandmother. our family has a nice thick vein of Gypsy blood running through it…. Proper Ukrainian Gypsy that is… I have decided to stop fighting my wandering, lusting after a caravan and making a living from selling pegs desires…. I also kind of fancy my next house being a bit more bohemian chic… or BOHO if your of the hashtag persuasion….



So in between trips to the storage unit to build the great wall of boxes, I also did a little op-shopping… I have added this original czech bohemian glass set to my collection (I am not that knowledgeable about glass, it still had the makers label on it)…. With the move only a few weeks away I probably shouldn’t be buying glassware that I need to pack… but I keep finding things I cant say no too…

Photo1-332Luckily I have also been looking at new gazebo tent things and fancy folding tables to continue my gypsy lifestyle when I get back to the mountains… I have asked some of my contacts to keep an eye out for a small 50s caravan I can use for markets, but thats a long term plan…. I kind of feel like I have narrowed my style down enough now to concentrate I items I like, and not just feeding the whole retro thing slavishly… I am always much happier finding stuff I like, rather than stuff I know will make a quick dollar….



I am just trying to trust my eye… I do better when I don’t second guess the items I buy…. I do better when I don’t second guess my path too, thats just a bit harder….


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I’m hopin’ we can make some wishes outta’ airplanes…..

… in my continuing mission to get kids, and myself out and about, we got our anoraks on and went plane spotting….. It is the 200th Anniversary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains, the names of the explorers are the names of the villages across the route… So you can learn as go, or just remember the ones you have drank coffee or lived in, as I do….


One of those occasions where I kept the kids in the dark about the mission, a sort of need to know thing… In case it turned out to be a bust, or I had an anxiety attack… Luckily everything was fine, and the kids got to see, and hear, noisy low flying aircraft, and were suitably impressed… and after the planes, there was pastry treats in Oberon…. Pastry makes everything better….




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A New Addiction – Fountain Pens…

I bought a big box of “junk” yesterday for $35…. and I am still going through it, trying to price and identify everything, So expect this box to provide at least another blog entry or two… but today I got fixated by some of the pens that I found in the box…



Vintage fountain pens, and even a bottle of ink to refill them with…. They appeal to my need for making a ritual of things, and unscrewing bits, and pulling levers and dipping things in ink seems like a very nice ritual to me…



There are a pile of other fountain pens in the box, but these took my fancy for show and tell…. Something about the machine turned sterling silver one with its 14k gold nib is kind of intoxicating…. Seems I have found something else to search and rummage for….



…. and tomorrow I might head down to a coffee shop and see how they draw for me….. I am embracing little slivers of happiness this week….

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My brain is spread a bit thin at the moment…. too much going on…. not all good but not all bad… but the bad is dragging me down, my gorgeous boy is not doing well at the moment… quite a few external stresses are making him less in control… But on the good side I feel much better equipped to help him through this rough patch, strangely the Doctors appointments for both him and myself have helped… I was labouring under the misconception that the more challenging of his “quirks” were difficult for me because they reminded me of my ex… It has been pointed out now (thrice) that he is far more like me, and his attempts to stop the noisy machine in his head, are the same as mine… Strangely this had made me feel better… and I can see a way forward for us both… Hopefully the other stresses in his life will be reduced soon, with the move…. The kids are both starting to pester me about the amount of time left till we go, I found them with a calendar trying to count how many days are left…. It is a stark contrast from the last move, they really didn’t understand why I was moving them and kept asking me why… This time it is me, trying to temper their enthusiasm…

So I have been doing all those annoying pre-move things…. Visits to the tip… Calls to the new school… Trying to decide what size storage unit i need…. and tracking rental prices and length of time houses have been for rent in my chosen village…. Such fun!!!!