Occasionally I fixate on things…. Possibly a bit OCD… and rubber stamped as Prone to serious depression… So maybe thats why I also find joy in fixating on small collections of things, Things that hold my interest for a while… In this case my current reason for trawling second hand shops is camera related, not the cameras themselves, but the filters that screw on the front..


In particular 50s and 60s ones, I like the silver mounts better than the more modern back ones… and the fact that the same size ones can be screwed together is fascinating to me….


Not sure what, if anything I will do with them… The idea of making some insanely complicated steampunk glasses out of them kind of appeals….

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One thought on “Lensman….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    i’m with you. i have so many of these guys. most are just stored away, but some of the more vintage, color filters we have on display. even their cases are fun 🙂

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