A Friday Drive….

I had to travel one town over today…. always a good excuse for a new op-shop or two…. First find of the day, a lone bookend…..



I am sure you can see why i decided 10 cents was a good price for just one bookend… The carefully hand-painted logo really appealed to me… I do hope its not the emblem for some unpleasant organisation?



Also in the 10 cent basket, was this basket… Well yellow painted wire tray, but still very basket like… and a copy of Conran’s House book, I have a few different releases of this one, and a lot of his other books.. Fond of a bit of Terrance I am….



A very cool powder blue “made in Italy” make up case… Not sure what to do with it, but it has a cool combination lock and opens on both sides….



Not having a lot of use for a make-up bag, I will probably sell it… I did toy with the idea of keeping art supplies in it, but I have way to many things that I bought for that reason already…



Another french exhibition poster…. I am getting quite fond of these, so I will repaint the frame black (to match the others) and up on the wall it will go….



Favourite find of the day, Set of brass nesting tables (they fit inside each other)… Very heavy… Very Mid century… Very cool Moroccan pierced metal tops… I will be very disappointed if I cant make these work somewhere in the house…..

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2 thoughts on “A Friday Drive….

  1. I found a lone bookend at the Goodwill a few months ago. It was a marble horse head and I didn’t buy it because I really didn’t know what to do with one bookend. I’ve regretted it ever since and should have bought it. I’m glad you are giving the lone bookend a good home.

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