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Cool by Association…..

If I stand close enough to someone cool it makes me look cool…Right?…. Well it never worked for my ex 😉 but seriously folks… It has been a good few weeks for the RUST Vintage part of my life, selling things to people that a much bigger names than me in the cut throat world of Vintage… That may be a little dramatic, but my back shed being 34 chairs lighter has put me in a good mood… and today I got to play a game in the Sydney Morning Herald Lifestyle lift out, Spot the item I sold to the cool person….


In this case, the very cool green industrial light-shades… That I sold to the very cool super stylist, Jane Frosh of Cool Edie’s…. actually there is also the corner of a chair in one of the photos, but claiming that one may seem a bit tenuous… I am sure I have seen a few items that I have sourced in a few different magazines… but this the first one I can 100% be sure of….

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You know you do to much op-shopping when….

You get bored and only decide to shop in a palette or theme…. I actually ignored things today because they were the wrong colour…..



It wasn’t that hard actually… Though I did need to buy the domino set to make the roller skates work…. and before you ask yes I was in weird mood today…



Bit of a weird mix of items, but when I stacked them all together they kind of worked… At least I think they do… The 60s glass bowl with the timber base is very well made, and looks good on the coffee table I bought last week.



The vintage trophy can go in the vintage trophy box (yes I do have a box full of them)….



I have decided it is this weeks challenge to make the 50s black velvet souvenir cushions work somewhere in the house…..

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Time and Space…..

A couple of very good days… It is nice to be able to say that at last…. In between having the kids home on holidays, and yes that is a good thing, and a sudden shot in the arm for business ventures I am feeling pretty tickity boo…



After a few days of weening then off video games and back on to the real world they are being pleasant little people again… Last night they had a Back to Future marathon, and this morning a got a full run down on Paradoxes 🙂



Speaking of time and space, a op-shop Tardis has been added to the collection… Actually this one is a police box, as it was made by Britannia Miniatures under licence from The Met… during that whole Police Vs BBC thing in the 1990s, the police were trying to claim copyright for the design of the police box… They lost and had to pay costs 🙂



A quick op-shop run today yielded a few interesting bits… This nifty wall hanging art-deco-ish Very nice original condition just needs a bit of glue on the joints to make it good as new….



A very industrial trolly, which I will add a nice hardwood top too… I could put a shelf across the middle, but I am toying with the idea of leaving it as is so an industrial stool will fit underneath… Pretty much trying to decide it it will be a kitchen trolly with a shelf, or a laptop table with a stool…



A nice little 40s lectern…. Not really my thing but couldn’t say no… Maybe a standing desk? A standing desk seems like good exercise, but a terrible waste of chairs…

Photo4-38….I also found another typewriter…. So many typewriters at the moment, I could start my own madmen style secretarial pool…..

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Give that man a Cigar…..

Or perhaps a box to keep them in…. Never hurts to ask what a shop has lurking in a storage room… In this case a very funky and large, shop display Humidor, was lurking…


Since I do not smoke cigars, only because they make me very ill… This is just going to be a cool box… Waiting to be filled with something cool….

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Occasionally I fixate on things…. Possibly a bit OCD… and rubber stamped as Prone to serious depression… So maybe thats why I also find joy in fixating on small collections of things, Things that hold my interest for a while… In this case my current reason for trawling second hand shops is camera related, not the cameras themselves, but the filters that screw on the front..


In particular 50s and 60s ones, I like the silver mounts better than the more modern back ones… and the fact that the same size ones can be screwed together is fascinating to me….


Not sure what, if anything I will do with them… The idea of making some insanely complicated steampunk glasses out of them kind of appeals….

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