A Little Depression is Good for the Soul….

Still a bit down when I woke up today…. I stayed that way till I stumbled across something that cheered me up…. Sometimes you find things that can change the mood you are in, maybe it is something that reminds you of a pleasant childhood memory.. Or it is a pice that is worth enough to push away any money worries you may be having… In this case it was something that rekindled a desire…..


A small depression era frame, from the 20s or 30s… An up-cycled item made by someone who had never heard the word up-cycle… This was thrift out of necessity…. I can appreciate that at the moment… This frame is the opposite of consumerism, and it is beautiful because of that… Nobody went to the hardware store to buy parts for this….


Nothing here but scrap, the glass is rough edged from being hand cut, probably from a broken window pane… The wood looks to have come from a small box, maybe cigar or cigarette? The nails and hinge had all seen another life… The brass strips that hold the back on have been cut with care by tin-snips….


Even the hand cut mounts have been made from old packing labels, hand painted black on one side with ink…. I needed to find this today, it has reminded me of the path on want to be on, for myself and my children… I want to raise children that can see the beauty in something like this, and not dismiss it as rubbish….

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One thought on “A Little Depression is Good for the Soul….

  1. Dieu says:

    The cut out design in the middle looks like a piece of art. Beautiful!

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