More of the Folding stuff……

Seems to be a good week for things that fold…. In this case a nice vintage cafe set…. You can tell it is vintage and not a reproduction one, by the quality of the steel, the size of the rivets they held the wood on with and of course the fact it hasn’t fallen apart….


A very pretty thing indeed, and the fact that it folds up so well, makes it a very useful thing…. hmmmm this one might be hard to part with…. It looks very nice just were it is….


Time to enjoy a drink and a read a magazine I think….. It’s a hard life somedays……

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2 thoughts on “More of the Folding stuff……

  1. reretro says:

    come to me all you good folding things…are you a magnet? or, more likely, you get good design? i think you instantly know good design when you see it. you are inspirational – i love your posts on your great finds.

  2. What a lovely cafe set and a beautiful setting – you could easily while away a lot of time there, I’d imagine! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. Jane

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