Know when to Fold Them…..

Even I am surprised by the things you can find in a provincial country town… It is like archaeological proof that people with taste lived here once, even thought they have long since died or moved on…. It also proves that taste must not be something that is passed down through genetic means, other wise why would your relatives clear out your house and throw these away?


1960s chairs by Aldo Jacober, Italy…. Made from beech-wood with finely caned seats and brass fittings….. You really couldn’t buy these for $5 from an op-shop anywhere else…. I even have a horrible suspicion that most people in this town, would look at these in horror and go to a chain store to $20 on plastic folding chairs…. Oh well, their loss… I will gently sand the old varnish off and apply new danish oil, and then they can go to a new home where they will be appreciated for the beautiful objects they are…..

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2 thoughts on “Know when to Fold Them…..

  1. mrsmamaelle says:

    Incredible. I LOVE them. :0

  2. vintagekaren says:

    These are beautiful!

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