Monday Op-Shopping…

A little drive to the mountains today…. A few deliveries and a strict budget for op-shopping, a $20 limit… Trying to seriously downsize before moving in a few months, that means not bringing home more than I sell…. which was harder than expected as there was a chair that would have been a great project, that I could have done and flipped within a few weeks…. But I managed to talk myself out of it before I ended up lugging this back down the mountain….



If I was already living in the mountains I probably would have snapped and bought it…. But I also know there would be a danger that once it was painted and upholstered I would want to keep it… So instead I bought a $10 bag of Lego…



So an evening of watching TV and sorting little bits of plastic, looking for the valuable bits… and then the kids can have the rest… and yes there are valuable bits that I can sell… Some mini-figures are quite collectable, and Fabuland is always an easy sell….



…and obviously this complete boxed set was just a bonus… 1969 Lego is kind of cool…. I also bought a few other bits and pieces but kept the spend at $18….



The sealed Hitchhikers Guide game is kind of cool… and my collection of russian nesting dolls is growing too…

The trip wasn’t all about deliveries and shopping…. I also wanted to get a feel for village that is creeping up the place to move list…. I hear very good things about about the school… It has great coffee…. and it is not to far a drive from the ex, so the kids can see her….. not that I am actually using that as a criteria, but I will pretend I am…. I have started the internet house hunt, not actually looking for a house, but getting a feel for prices and inclusions etc, so I know whats a good deal and whats overpriced, when I do start looking…

Also starting to think life will be a whole lot easier if I just stay single till the kids are grown… Had a friend find out some truly horrid things about someone they were involved with…. It seems the world has some horrid people in it, and even though I consider myself a better judge of character than most, even I know, you can never know whats going on in someones head…




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2 thoughts on “Monday Op-Shopping…

  1. sewexhausted says:

    I did not know Legos were collectible. I will have to dig through my 25 year old son’s childhood collection! He loved Legos!

  2. inkomplete says:

    In the good old days (pre-ebay) i could buy lego at garage sales for nothing (which is why I have a shed full)… but these days there is a $ to made on some of the rarer bits… some mini figures can sell for $40… or there is that whole star wars collector thing.. so older star wars sets can make hundreds…

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