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Lazy Fathering Tips…..

I have lots ūüėČ but today we decided to try the old vacuum cleaner ponytail trick…. It impresses me how trusting my children are, considering that I treat them as guinea pigs so often….

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Maybe a Shelfish Sunday….

I probably should be doing something more useful, but this is a job that has been sitting around for a while…. It wasn’t even a hard job, Just putting a shelf in the bottom of the industrial typewriter stand I restored a while ago…


Handy table, but definitely a bit of wasted space down the bottom… and the one thing we don’t like in the house is lazy furniture, sitting around not working to its full potential ūüėČ


A metal tray from an another table I bought a while back, the sides from an old drawer and some paint…


Tray painted black and attached to the stand with double sided tape…. Because sometimes double sided tape works better than drilling new holes in things I may want to remove or change later….


Drawer sides cut to size, sanded and waxed and inserted into metal tray….


And now have somewhere for the home phone…. I never use the landline, but it is handy for the kids to know where it is an how to use it……

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The Elephant in the Room…

I often rummage in the craft section of op-shops, even the dress patterns get a quick flip through. I am not really looking for dress patterns, I am looking for interesting cushion and furniture stuff… There is a sewing pattern for butterfly chair covers lurking out there somewhere, but not today… Today is Making and Embroidering an Elephant…..¬†


Fifty cents worth of smiling involved when I found this…. and it is complete and never used for elephant production as far as I can see…


One large elephant pattern…That is large for a toy, but small for a real elephant….


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A Little Depression is Good for the Soul….

Still a bit down when I woke up today…. I stayed that way till I stumbled across something that cheered me up…. Sometimes you find things that can change the mood you are in, maybe it is something that reminds you of a pleasant childhood memory.. Or it is a pice that is worth enough to push away any money worries you may be having… In this case it was something that rekindled a desire…..


A small depression era frame, from the 20s or 30s… An up-cycled item made by someone who had never heard the word up-cycle… This was thrift out of necessity…. I can appreciate that at the moment… This frame is the opposite¬†of consumerism, and it is beautiful because of that… Nobody went to the hardware store to buy parts for this….


Nothing here but scrap, the glass is rough edged from being hand cut, probably from a broken window pane… The wood looks to have come from a small box, maybe cigar or cigarette? The nails and hinge had all seen another life… The brass strips that hold the back on have been cut with care by tin-snips….


Even the hand cut mounts have been made from old packing labels, hand painted black on one side with ink…. I needed to find this today, it has reminded me of the path on want to be on, for myself and my children… I want to raise children that can see the beauty in something like this, and not dismiss it as rubbish….

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My son turned 10 today…. He spent the night with his Mother last night, so I didn’t¬†get to see him this morning which made for a rather crappy day for me… So I made a cake, wrapped a present…

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I would like to claim the brown paper wrapping was environmental¬†or ideological, but it was a nightmare month for outgoing¬†without many incoming… It was a budget birthday in my house this year, but that’s¬†ok… I have been over the crass consumerism thing lately… One gift and something he could use, I am sure he won’t be to scarred by that….

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His favourite dinner, a cake with a candle and a movie (Tim Burtons Batman)….. His sister and I even sang happy birthday… It ended up a very good day…

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