How to Sew a Kangaroo Quilt…

No, I am not working on an australian adaption of a chick flick…. Todays accidental bargain is a kangaroo quilt, one of those items that you cant believe is still just sitting on the op-shop table….

Kangaroo Rug

Definitely not a floor rug, hand quilted sections of good quality hide which were then stitched to a heavy piece of felt… It is about single bed size, so I will assume that it is made to be used as bedding, in a very “Game of Thrones” bedroom maybe… It has a retail tag stitched to it…. The company of J.Pearcey of Pitt Street Sydney… That would place this rug as being made in the 40s or early 50’s, as I can find no record of the company after that… the last mention is this help wanted ad from 1948…


It is likey that this was just the retailer and not the manufacturer, Pieces similar (identical) seem to also be found with manufaction labels from “missions”… This would mean that the quilt was probably hand stitched by Aboriginal women under the direction of  missionaries… Hermannsburg produced many of these types of item. but without un-stiching the hide from the felt it would be hard to say for sure…

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One thought on “How to Sew a Kangaroo Quilt…

  1. LK Hattinen says:

    Wow, that’s quite a find!

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