Old School Desk…

Note that is old school and not Skool…. Seems the more determined I am to thin out the stuff I have, the more determined the god of bargains seems to become…..

school desk


This is a full size one, not the kiddy size version…. I even fit into it, with a squeeze (more exercise less food mantra repeated here)….. I bought this on saturday afternoon, and sold my drafting table two hours later so I would have room for it…. It needs a full restoration and up-cycle tweak…. Luckily a full restoration in this case involves removing the wood, painting the frame, sanding and waxing the timber and some new hinges… I will also install a power board inside for charging laptops and maybe a USB hub in the inkwells…. So it will look old school, but it will be a functional place for the kids to use and store their laptops… I do like the idea of them using the internet where I can see them, and this could be the solution….

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One thought on “Old School Desk…

  1. corneliawinn says:

    I am in love with this desk!

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